Team Titles Registration

Counter-Strike : Global Offensive & Defense of the Ancients 2

National Qualifier Online Registration Form

Registrations Close: 02 july 2019 @ 08H00

Tournament Starts: 05 July 2019

As team captain I need to commit and adhere to:
1. I need to ensure my team knows and understand all the rules in the NESA Code of Ethics and Conduct, the NESA Bylaws, any documentation detailing the tournament specific rules for each title.
2. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure my team knows the time of their games and to ensure they are punctual, and that my team may be penalized for tardiness.
3. I understand that I, as team captain, am the only communication channel to the NESA and tournament staff and the captains of the other teams, any communication forced or attempted – especially of a dispute nature directly from players other than the team captain to NESA staff or other players, is punishable.
4. I understand that all the players in my team must be registered and paid NESA members to compete in the National Qualifier event. If one member is not up to date with payments or their NESA member registration the team will not be allowed to compete. 5. I understand that my team and I, will be competing in a National Qualifier in which NESA will be scouting players to possibly become part of the Namibian team, hence we will commit to conducting ourselves in a professional manner fitting such athletes at all times.

The following registration fees must be covered by each participant to be able to compete:
– NESA 2019 Membership Fee (compulsory if not paid yet) @ N$250.00
– DotA2 National Tournament Entry Fee @ N$50.00
– Counter-Strike : GO National Tournament Entry Fee @ N$50.00

Bank Details:
Namibian Electronic Sports Association
FNB Namibia
Account No: 6224 923 4577
Branch: Prosperita
Branch No: 280 679
*Please send proof of payment to

We undertake to conform to, and be bound by the NESA Constitution, Code of Ethics and Conduct, and the Bylaws of the NAMIBIAN ELECTRONIC SPORTS ASSOCIATION. By agreeing with this disclaimer in the registration form, we will commit ourselves to all the tournament rules and regulations for the duration of the entire event. We understand that we are entering a National Tournament where Namibian Colours will be awarded after the Qualifier and the Final events and agree to be on time for all matches where we are required to participate. We understand that anyone is eligible for the cash prizes, but only Namibian citizens will be eligible for a position on the Namibian Esports Team. I understand that the Final round will be by invitation only and will be a physical event held in Windhoek.