The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) herewith announces that its 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place on Saturday, 30 May 2020, on the NESA Public Discord server. It is in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic that NESA has decided to host its AGM online. All registered and paid members can join the meeting to vote on matters outlined in the Agenda. Persons from the general public are also welcome to listen in on the meeting but are not allowed any inputs towards decisions.

A general Q&A over NESA matters and activities will be hosted after the meeting conclusion to address any public queries.

Herewith the Agenda for the AGM:

  1. Welcoming by the NESA President.
  2. Attendance register of members, clubs and persons.
  3. Presentation and approval of financial statements and report for 2019.
  4. Presentation and approval of activity report for 2019.
  5. Approval of the budget and calendar for 2020.
  6. Executive Committee nominations.
  7. NESA membership (individual and club) fee approval for 2020.
  8. Discussion of changes to the Constitution.
  9. Discussion and consideration of any new relevant matters.
  10. Closing remarks.

The meeting will start at 14:00 and all interested persons are invited to attend. Please ensure to mute your microphone immediately after joining the channel and only enable while speaking.

Server details:

Thanks for your support, we look forward to “seeing” you there!

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