About Us

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) is the representative and governing body for electronic sports (e-Sports) in Namibia. NESA was established in 2010 and is officially recognised by and registered with the Namibia Sports Commission.

NESA is a non-profit organisation dedicated towards the development and growth of gaming as a sport in Namibia. The Association promotes good sportsmanship and etiquette, legal software use and healthy sporting lifestyles. Representing Namibia on the ever-expanding international stage of e-Sports is a fundamental part of NESA’s operations and objectives.



NESA’s vision is for Electronic Sports to be the most popular sport in Namibia and for Namibia to be the best in Africa with regard to Electronic Sports.


  1. To govern, manage and communicate all forms of Electronic Sports at all levels nationwide.
  2. Whilst working closely with its main stakeholders NESA promotes and develops Electronic Sports by hosting national and international events and managing national teams for the enjoyment of spectators and participants whilst satisfying sponsors’ needs.
  3. To develop, train and fund Electronic Sports in Namibia.
  4. To promote sportsmanship, discipline and sporting etiquette as well as healthy, sporting lifestyles and wellness.
  5. To support Electronic Sports related industries and service providers.
  6. To promote legal electronic practices.

International Affiliations

NESA is affiliated with the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) which is a global organisation based in South Korea with the mission to get e-Sports recognised as a legitimate sport. The IeSF was founded in August 2008 by nine e-Sports associations from Denmark, South Korea, Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Vietnam and Taiwan.

The IeSF currently has 46 member nations and continues to grow its membership count and influence with the International Olympic Committee each year. NESA obtained membership with the IeSF in 2011 and is the third country from Africa to obtain membership after South Africa and Egypt and has since also been joined by Tunisia.

For more information on the IeSF, click here to go to the IeSF website.

In 2016 NESA gained invaluable international exposure by attending the World e-Sports Executive Summit in Shanghai, as well as the World Cyber Arena’s World e-Sports Alliance Founding Conference in Yinchuan. NESA again attended the World eSports Executive Summit in 2017 which was hosted in Busan, South Korea. These summits allowed NESA to gain a vast number of international contacts which continues to present new opportunities to the association.

NESA was invited to join the African Advisory board of the World e-Sports Consortium (WeSCO) which is a newly established international organisation aimed at providing youth and development programs in computer literacy and gaming. WeSCO is also tasked by expanding e-Sports recognition amongst more countries which also forms part of NESA’s mission on the African continent.

For more information on WeSCO, click here to go to the WeSCO website.

NESA has close relations with other e-Sports associations from African countries, namely South Africa, Ghana, Egypt and Zimbabwe.