Why Become A NESA Member?

Do you want to help the development and growth of esports in Namibia and have exciting world class esports events happening right here in Namibia?

How about the chance to win prizes and even have opportunities to become a National pro in your favorite console or PC game title?

Then join NESA and become the change we need to drive Namibian esports to the next level.

Who Can Become A NESA Member?

Anyone who is actively involved in the esports scene in Namibia, albeit an individual, a team or an organisation, not limited to citizenship and permanent residency, is welcome to become a member of NESA.

How Long Does NESA Membership Last?

Membership starts the first day of April to the last day of March each year.

Membership Categories

  • Individual Member
  • Member Clubs(Clans)
  • Honorary Members

These are members that are considered active in that they have filled in and submitted the required application form as well as paid their membership fees due as stipulated in Article 2, Section B of the NESA Constitution. These members have the right to participate in any event hosted by NESA. They may also vote at any meeting where a vote is required as well as become part of the Executive Committee should they apply to do so.

To be recognised as a club by NESA, each club shall submit an application form to the Executive Committee as stipulated in Article IV, Section 2 of the NESA Constitution. Each club member must be registered as an Individual Member as specified in Article IV, Section 1 (a), of the NESA Constitution, to be eligible to compete in any NESA events. All clubs affiliated to NESA shall have the same rights and duties.

This membership title cannot be applied for and will only be extended to individuals that have made great contributions to the advancement of esports in Namibia, and any person serving on the NESA Executive Committee for a consecutive period of more than five years. Honorary Members will be nominated and voted for at NESA AGMs only and will be provided with a certificate or other relevant proof of such membership.

Membership Application

*Membership fees are set at N$ 250 for the year as per the AGM of 30 May 2020.

Please feel free to click the button below to head to our registration portal. Parental Consent forms are downloadable from below as well as a PDF copy of the registration forms should you have any difficulty connecting to our registration portal.

Please note you only need to complete one registration form, either the online registration form through the button below, or a printed one which can be scanned and mailed to

Online registration form not working? You can download the form below and email it to us to complete your NESA membership registration.

Parental Consent Form

Any individuals that want to become NESA members that are under eighteen (18) years of age will have to download and have their parents complete the form below. Your NESA membership will not be processed without this form. Please email a signed copy to or contact us to make arrangements for physical drop-off.