NESA Club Registration


Club Executive Details


This club will be bound to the rules of:
-The Namibian Electronic Sports Association Constitution
-NESA Code of Ethics and Conduct
-NESA Bylaws
-Any tournament relevant documentation for any tournament we may partake in.

We understand that, upon receiving final confirmation from NESA, we will be a NESA associated Namibian esports club and that all members of this club will have to conduct themselves in such manner when representing themselves, Namibian esports or NESA.
We understand that any changes within our organisation will have to be reported to NESA for accurate record keeping.

We understand that we will have to pay a yearly club fee of N$ 50.
Bank Details:
Namibian Electronic Sports Association
FNB Namibia
Account No: 6224 923 4577
Branch: Prosperita
Branch No: 280 679
Use club Name as Reference
*Please send proof of payment to