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Donations / Sponsorship Matters

NESA is tasked with creating a sustainable ecosystem for eSports in Namibia, where ambitious young talents can find the support and structure they need to pursue their aspirations. Acquiring the resources to do so is a tremendous challenge.

While NESA relies heavily on volunteers, there are many expenses related to hosting quality events that require professional services and products. Through sponsorships and donations NESA can cover costs to improve eSports in Namibia and expand on opportunities available to our members. Every donation makes a considerable difference. No mater how small, your donation matters.

What is the difference between a DONATION and a SPONSORSHIP?

Sponsorships and donations both involve the provision of funding that can be once-off or on a regular basis. However, the key difference between the two is that donations are given for no expected returns, while sponsorships have certain benefits which especially includes advertising and branding opportunities. Donating to charitable or non-profit organisations can qualify the donor for a tax rebate on such gifts.

What happens to my DONATION or SPONSORSHIP?


Essential services at the core of NESA operations include unavoidable expenses such as website hosting, bank account maintenance, auditing of financials and maintaining technical assets.


Public visibility is very important for the continued expansion and promotion of NESA and e-Sports in Namibia. This involves advertising costs on various platforms ranging from online to newspapers, banners, flyers, posters, etc. These expenses are vital to advertise events and opportunities to the general public.


Running events and National Tournaments does not come for free and NESA is required to cover venue, equipment, insurance and related costs to host these competitions. The expansion of e-Sports for Namibians to travel abroad for participation at international competitions also presents substantial expenses for the Federation as we strive to create more opportunities for our National athletes in e-Sports.


As NESA members pay membership fees to the Federation, NESA is also required to pay membership fees to national and international organisations that it is a member of. Currently such affiliation membership fees only include the International eSports Federation.

What will NOT happen with my DONATON or SPONSORSHIP?


NESA is a non-profit organisation that currently has no employees and pays no salaries or bonuses of any sort. Even though we would gladly employ and pay staff in future, this is not yet possible as the Federation still relies on voluntary work.


NESA will not undertake any expenses that is not relevant to the promotion and expansion of Namibian eSports, and especially so if such products or services can be obtained for free at a similar level of quality.

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Sponsorship Proposal available on request at info@esportsnamibia.org

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